A Sample from my Fans

…Due to the work of one man, Leslie Rohde

Steve Olsher | Internet Prophets: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal How to Profit Online – Google Books

“When search engines first came onto the scene, there was no shortage of speculation as to how to make this happen. Today, we know far more about this process – and that’s in no small part due to the work of one man, Leslie Rohde.”

Leslie truly is the grand master of SEO

David Jenyns | DavidJenyns.com

“Leslie Rohde is to SEO what Thomas Edison was to the light bulb. You may or may not have heard of him, but if you know SEO, you know his work…Personally I’ve been following his work for the better part of 6 years. First introduced through some consulting work with Jeff Johnson, I soon realised this is a guy you need to listen to…Leslie truly is the grand master of SEO.”

I highly recommend everyone contact him

Ralph Prado | Loan Specialist at Commercial Loans Expert

“Leslie Rohde developed an outstanding software program – Optilink. When I first ran across his website and software program, I was highly skeptical. Primarily because it has features I had only dreamed of. Previous to that, I had been doing things by hand. After using his software and services, I was able to be more productive, saved more time, and more importantly, became more competitive. I highly recommend everyone contact him and download his software.”

You need Leslie

Kimball Roundy | KimballRoundy.com

“If you have ever wanted to learn how to dominate the search engines for any keywords that you want, and get all the free traffic you want, then you need Leslie.”

Leslie is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge

Don Schnure | 1AutomationWiz.com

“Leslie is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge not only on SEO, but marketing as well. I’ve worked with Leslie since 2006 and am continually amazed by the depth of his expertise and knowledge…Without a doubt I can enthusiastically recommend his expertise and services to anyone looking to make more money in less time online.”

One of the world’s most respected leaders and thinkers on SEO

Gideon Shalwick | GideonShalwick.com

“I had the pleasure and honor of picking the brains of one of the world’s most respected leaders and thinkers on SEO, Leslie Rohde. Even though I’ve been doing internet marketing for around 4 years now, I don’t claim to know all that much about SEO, so it was a real eye opener having a chat to Leslie Rohde.”

He is the one who coined the term ‘Link Reputation’

Jerry West | WebMarketingNow.com

“I’ve known and worked with Leslie since 2003. He is the one who coined the term ‘Link Reputation’ in the SEO/SEM space. His OptiLink and OptiSpider tools are a must have for any SEO. There isn’t anyone that I know, including Matt Cutts, who knows PageRank and its distribution better than Leslie.

I highly recommend Leslie as a speaker and educator

Carl Chapman | Chapman Interactive

“I have had the privilege of working with Leslie and being in the audience of a number of his presentations. I have also reviewed dozens of his training programs…The thought that goes into his work is extensive and further exemplifies the level of intellect Leslie possesses. I highly recommend Leslie as a speaker and educator.”

I could not wish for a greater mentor

Byron Tabor | Owner, Rooms Delivered

“As a member of SEO Braintrust, I have first hand experience of Leslie’s astounding knowledge in the field of SEO, HTML, Search Engines, Java and just about anything that has to do with the internet. I could not wish for a greater mentor.”

Leslie is a true expert on SEO

Glyn Powditch | Winners – EMEA Google Partner 2016 – SaaS for Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Affiliate Window

“What impressed me the most about Leslie is his ability to talk about websites and SEO from a commercial perspective, without resorting to hype, sales patter, or taking a patronizing manner…Leslie is a true expert on SEO but is also the most commercial SEO I have met. The perfect combination of technical knowledge with real world application.”

Top three SEO Experts in the world

Don Schnure | 1AutomationWiz.com

“[Leslie Rohde] is easily one of the top three SEO Experts in the world.”

SEO magic

Kenny Goodman | Kenny.co

“Leslie has been cooking up his SEO magic since you and I were in wet ones.”

Passion to help companies deliver

David Johnson | Position Research

“Leslie Rohde is a rare breed: one who has an intimate knowledge of search engines and how they work, combined with a passion to help companies deliver the best websites for search engine rankings…In a market fraught with conjecture, his knowledge and attention to detail is refreshing.”

One of the very few net experts

Resty Malia | Owner, Reliv International

“You’re one of the very few net experts that I still follow when it comes to what’s working and what doesn’t work. Even your Optilink program still brings great insight.”

A raving fan of his methodology

Tim O’Keefe | President, Spider Juice Technologies, INC

“If I need to get the straight scoop on SEO, no fluff, just verifiable, tested answers…I go to Leslie. If you prefer your SEO based on conjecture then you need not contact him. He will eat you up with FACT. That’s what happened to me the first time I met him and I have been a raving fan of his methodology ever since.”

Leslie…Our essential competitive advantage

Terry Boothman | Chief Innovation Officer at iPedago LLC

“I consider our relationship with Leslie to be our essential competitive advantage. You’ll need little more than a five-minute consultation, and you’ll agree.”

Provided the solutions I have been seeking

Tony Roocroft | Webmaster and SEO

“Leslie, I have used OptiLink for almost a year. I was delighted to hear about OptiSpider and bought it immediately. The product has provided the solutions I have been seeking for a very long time. For anyone involved in search engine marketing, OptiSpider is the best Christmas present they could ever wish for. Well done.”

William Blitz |

“Leslie Rohde is one of the two or three SEO experts in the world that we call when we need help figuring out mission critical strategies for our corporate accounts.”

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