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SE-News June, 2003 — Mapping and Tracking Dynamic Link Strategies

SE-News April, 2003 — Precision Guided Linking is Key to Top Results on Google

SE-News February, 2003 — Ranking Analysis for “cell phones”

SE-News September, 2002 — Ranking Analysis for “hats”

Terry Plank ran Academy of Web Specialists, a well respected Web Training Firm (now closed). Here is an article I published in their June 2003 newsletter.

ACWS June 2003 — Exploiting DHTML Techniques for Higher Ranking at Google

One of my SEO mentors, and key reviewer of the very first versions of OptiLink is Michael Campbell. If you are not subscribed to his free weekly newsletter, you are simply missing out. See to signup. This article was published in Issue #36.

IMS August 2003 — Link Text Works (Even When You Wish it Didn’t)

The so-called “florida update” at Google in November 2003 raised quite a ruckus. My first reaction (on November 18) was that it was a bug, and would soon be fixed. By December 10, 2003 there had been some improvement, but the results were still a mess. I published the report linked below to explain why many (actually all) of the theories about what changed were simply not supported by the data. Using OptiLink, you can do this same research for yourself.

A Statistical and Experimental Analysis of Google’s Florida Update

Update to the update. As I add this note on March 22, 2004, there is virtually no change in the Google ranking algorithm as compared to pre-florida results. This has been the case since sometime in February 2004. So what was “florida” really about? That’s a whole ‘nuther article, and one I have not yet written.

Here’s an audio interview I did with Brad Fallon on SearchEngineRadio in April 2004.

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